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WebMenu.NET is an easy-to-use, professional Menu control for ASP.NET
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15 November 2011

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This code package helps integrate SFTP functionality into applications you develop.

SFTP .NET Component offers a comprehensive interface for secure FTP or SFTP. The library is quite comprehensive in that you are not going to need anything else if secure FTP were to be integrated. Functions offered include remote file management using SFTP. These functions include directory listings and the ability to rename, delete and move files on the server. Usual functionality such as downloading and uploading by file name, URL, and wild card masks as also append, rename and delete are available of course. Files greater than 4 GB size could be reliably transferred. Transfers in binary or ASCII modes are supported. A set of files can be given for transfer and the tool is able to parse the list and get the multiple transfers made easily.

Interrupted transfers can be taken care of easily, the tool resumes where it had stopped. Synchronization of files on two locations can be done quickly and easily. This is helped by the multi-threading structure of the application so that transfers can speed up with multiple connections set up. On the remote file management capabilities it will not only let you up/download files but entire directories including its sub-folders etc. Transfers can be monitored easily. Files can be compressed/decompressed on the fly too. The architecture facilitates direct and easy transfer and synchronization of files between an SFTP file system and other file systems such as FTP, SCP, ZIP, Disk, Memory, etc. Support for event-driven (asynchronous) and blocking (synchronous) application designs are available. This is quite a good tool and could be a candidate for you to try out.

Publisher's description

WebMenu.NET is an easy-to-use, professional Menu control for ASP.NET. It provides an intuitive menu system which can replace any Menu in your ASP.NET application. Even non-technical users can easily author and manage Menus using this component.
WebMenu.NET is designed on strict guidelines of best user interface standards which makes it very easy to use and program.
WebMenu.NET is 100% managed and doesn't require any third-party DLLs. With intelligent design WebMenu.NET is one of the most innovative and powerful menu systems for ASP.NET.
You can also purchase 100% Source code for complete control and flexibility in your application development process.
Distribution of WebMenu.NET component is Royalty Free.
Version 1.2
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